March 2, 2018 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS)

The Industrial Way/Oregon Way Intersection Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS) was published on March 2, 2018 and has a 45-day public comment period, which will end on April 16, 2018. This page has information on the Draft EIS (including how it will be used and what it contains), and the full document.

What is a Draft EIS?

The Draft EIS evaluates a No Build Alternative and two build alternatives (one grade-separated intersection and one partially grade-separated intersection), while the Final EIS includes the Preferred Alternative and responds to all substantive Draft EIS comments from the public and local agencies. 

The Draft EIS explains the potential direct impacts and benefits of each alternative to the built and natural environments. This analysis also considers construction, indirect, and cumulative effects of the project alternatives. The EIS also discusses environmental commitments that would be used to avoid, minimize, or mitigate adverse effects that may result from constructing, operating, or maintaining either build alternative.

Where can I find the Draft EIS?

An electronic version of the Draft EIS can be downloaded via the links below. Paper copies of the Draft EIS are available for viewing at the following locations:

  • Cowlitz County Public Works Office
  • Kelso Longview Chamber of Commerce
  • Kelso Public Library
  • Longview Public Library
  • Washington State Library
  • WSDOT Headquarters Library
  • WSDOT Kelso Area Engineering Office

The Draft EIS is also available on CD at no charge. Or, a printed copy can be purchased for $43, which does not exceed the cost of reproduction or distribution. Both CD and printed copies can be obtained by contacting:

                  Joanna Lowrey, Kelso Area Engineer
                  WSDOT Kelso Area Engineering Office
                  2400 Talley Way, Kelso, WA 98626
                  360-442-1350 or toll free 1-800-545-1393  

How do I comment on the Draft EIS?

The project team and decision makers want to know what you think about the alternatives presented in the Draft EIS. Specifically, which alternative do you think would best serve the community and why? Which components of each alternative do you like/dislike?

You can provide comments by:

  1. Writing a letter or sending a comment card to:

                  Claude Sakr, Project Manager
                 Cowlitz County Department of Public Works
                 1600 13th Avenue South
                 Kelso, WA 98626

                 Joanna Lowrey, Kelso Area Engineer
                 Washington State Department of Transportation
                 Kelso Area Engineering Office
                 2400 Talley Way
                 Kelso, WA 98626

                 Liana Liu, Southcentral and Southwest Area Engineer
                 Federal Highway Administration
                 711 S. Capitol Way, Suite 501
                 Olympia, WA 98501

      2. Sending an email to

      3. Filling out a comment card at the open house/public hearing on March 20, 2018

      4. Providing oral comments to a court reporter at the open house/public hearing on March 20, 2018   

      5. Going to our project website and filling a comment form online at

Your comments on the Draft EIS will be used by local decision-makers to help identify a Preferred Alternative, which will then be evaluated in the Final EIS. The Final EIS will include all comments received during the comment period and will provide written responses to all substantive comments. 

Where can I learn more?

Attend the open house/public hearing on March 20, 2018 to learn more about the project and the alternatives that were evaluated in the Draft EIS. Project team members will be available to answer questions.

Read the Draft EIS

(Note: large files may take additional time to download)

Draft EIS

Cover, Abstract, Fact Sheet, Table of Contents, Acronyms and Abbreviations (1.2 MB)

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Project (967KB)

Chapter 2. Developing the Alternatives (6.3 MB)

Chapter 3. Comparing the Alternatives (10.2 MB)

Chapter 4. Environmental Commitments (100 KB)

Chapter 5. References (64 KB)

Chapter 6. Glossary (99 KB)

Chapter 7. List of Preparers (73 KB)

Chapter 8. Index (79 KB)

Appendix A    Range of Alternatives Report (12.9 MB)

Appendix B    Public Involvement Summary Report_Part 1(48.2 MB)

Appendix B    Public Involvement Summary Report_Part 2 (31.4 MB)

Appendix C    Air Quality Technical Analysis (743 KB)

Appendix D    Biological Assessment (10.1 MB)

Appendix E    Cultural Resources Discipline Report (13.6 MB)

Appendix F    Cumulative Impacts Discipline Report (5.2 MB)

Appendix G    Energy and Greenhouse Gas Technical Analysis (529 KB)

Appendix H    Floodplains Technical Analysis (1.2 MB)

Appendix I     Hazardous Materials Discipline Report (4.7 MB)

Appendix J     Land Use Technical Analysis (3.4 MB)

Appendix K    Noise Technical Analysis (4.6 MB)

Appendix L     Relocation, Social, Economic, Public Services, and Environmental Justice Technical Analysis (7 MB)

Appendix M   Section 4(f) Technical Analysis (4.6 MB)

Appendix N    Soils and Geology Technical Analysis (141 KB)

Appendix O   Transportation Discipline Report (14.7 MB)

Appendix P    Utilities Memorandum (382 KB)

Appendix Q   Visual Quality Discipline Report (10 MB)

Appendix R    Wetland Delineation Report (18.4 MB)

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